All materials used in Rhea Goods are thoughtfully selected for their quality, provenance, and environmental and social impact. 


Our textiles are created slowly and made from organic, hand spun or deadstock fibers whenever possible to limit textile waste and support small farming communities. We use natural fibers that are compostable and not chemically treated--meaning they can return to the earth after their lifecycle. We use plant dyes collected from kitchen waste where we can (who knew avocado pits made the most perfect shade of pink?), and practice responsible water use when hand-dyeing all fibers. 


Our raw ingredients come from both nearby local farms and our own backyard, and from far-away specialty purveyors. Ingredients are sourced at their peak deliciousness, and preserved using traditional techniques used since forever to savor the flavors of the season year-round. All Table goods are made by hand in small batches and obsessively attended to.