About Rhea Studio & Goods

“Colormen first appeared in the mid-seventeenth century, preparing canvases, supplying pigments and making brushes. In France some of them were originally luxury goods grocers, selling exotica like chocolate and vanilla alongside the cochineal.” - Victoria Finlay, Color

Rhea is a pantry full of pleasure. A sundry shop of flavors, textures, familiar and exotic smells, ways to feel good. Created by Abbye Churchill, Rhea exists as a space to share the delicacies and delights that she dreams up in her house in rural Maine. Each jar of preserves is made by hand in her kitchen. Each cloth is woven on her loom. Every flavor is conjured using ingredients she’s sourced or collected with care. Everything you’ll find here is meant to be used, devoured, ritualized, savored, and shared — little sensual offerings from our home to yours.